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Frosted glass soap dish for bathroom to fix on the wall 100% made in Italy

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We produce handmade bathroom accessories 100% made in Italy and high quality

The soap holder from the wall it is fixed to the wall with dowels and screws included in the package. The accessory is made of brass with lead zero safe and hygienic; the dish soap holder square is made of glass frosted neutral shade.
The different finishes of the metal, chromium/bronze/gold or painted, allow you to adjust this accessory to bathrooms from different flavors. The collection Q. UBI has a style that is geometric and linear, suitable for bathrooms contemporary taste young. The bathroom line Q. UBI is perfectly suited to a health and taps squared.The production of the accessories IdeArredobagno are all of the highest quality, the laboratory is in charge of furnishing accessories since 1990, with care and passion, with the goal to provide handmade products, at an affordable price, without renouncing to the quality.

How to clean your glass bathroom accessories

The satin glass panels are widely used in the bathroom, windows and doors, but also for shower or furnishings of various kinds. The feature of frosted glass is that it does not have the surface smooth and transparent: the opaque effect is given by a blasting process, which makes its grain is irregular.
Cleaning this type of surface requires a very careful. The first thing it is important to remove all traces of dust with a cloth electrostatic. Then we spray a good cleaner for the glass on a cotton cloth and pass over the surface of the glass in a circular motion. Continue until the glass appears clean. This method is not very fast but it is very useful to maintain uniform sanding the surface. Not recommended is the use of abrasive sponges or aggressive detergents that would save time, at the expense of the beauty and durability of all the glass.

Since 1990 we produce bathroom furniture and accessories of high quality and design

IdeArredoBagno since 1990, produces accessories for the bathroom from the craftsmanship quality. On the website you will find a wide range of accessories to the cost of production, with a variety of finishes and different methods of application: bathroom accessories from support, to glue, or with alternative methods that are useful for the solutions of bathroom furniture modern and functional. With the advantage of buying directly from the manufacturer without any intermediary.
If you are in need of bathroom accessories with a length or colour, please contact us in the Company. We perform personalized processing, with the great quality of a handmade product , and the price advantage of the factory.
T: (+39) 339 2004300

Depth16 cm
Total Length12 cm
FissaggioA incollo
Azienda affidabile
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Bathroom wall soap door - Bathroom accessories LINE Q.UBI
Frosted glass soap dish for bathroom to fix on the wall 100% made in Italy

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Bathroom wall soap door - Bathroom accessories LINE Q.UBI (59 EUR)

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