how to help the Italian economy: buy (online) really made in Italy

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Choose products from online stores of Italian stores

This period of rapid change, to which we have all had to adapt, requires us to make a thorough analysis of all the practices that we have held daily for decades.
In Italy we know that 92% of the companies active in the area are small and medium-sized enterprises, in which 82% of Italians are employed. We start from this to understand that Italy cannot lose this sector both productive and occupational.

The stop imposed by the government because of the emergency Covid-19, however, risks compromising this diverse sector by putting in crisis the entire country system.
In this tumultuous scenario, however, we are witnessing an unexpected change. Of these small and medium-sized companies, in fact, about 22 thousand, already before February, had started e-commerce activities and these are the realities that have the opportunity to continue working, despite the limitations: To date, in fact, online sales are the only ones not affected by the restrictions of the DPCM.

It is precisely from the data on e-commerce of small Italian companies that you can start a concrete help to the economy of our country: every consumer can make a difference through the conscious choice to buy Italian, immediately on the net.

A new digital world was also born in Italy from online purchases

Since the first weeks of emergency Covid-19 there has been an explosion in the demand for home delivery (especially food and medicines) that has also grown very significantly for small shops and neighborhood businesses that have specialized in quality products and have guaranteed tailor-made services.

Prejudices and barriers that in recent years have slowed down the development of e-commerce in Italy, have come to fall in a very fast time, leading online sales to impose itself as a shopping channel of great need and utility, both for consumers, that for companies and retailers.

Another interesting effect, which could mark the way for future developments is a sort of ¹ collected of small producers, which has led many Italians to rediscover the neighborhood shops that have been able to equip quickly, with great flexibility and creativity to the new situation.

Since it started the emergency Covid-19 the most significant growth comes from those areas that typically represent the queue in the evolution of the e-commerce market, namely furniture and Food&grocery.

Consumers have begun to experiment with smaller and independent platforms, perhaps discovering, compared to large distributors, equally valid formulas to which potentially will remain linked even after the emergency has ended.

Idearredobagno is an artisan workshop that has been selling tailor-made products online since 2014.

Even the artisan reality of Idearredobagno, linked to the production of furniture for the home and the bathroom participates in a program that wants to consolidate the role of small and commerce that represent production realities really made in Italy to allow them to emerge and thrive on the web, despite the big online.

To help the driving productive fabric of our economy to re-emerge, it is important to encourage all Italians to make their contribution by choosing products from the online stores of Italian stores. Because a channel with a strong innovative component such as online commerce can also lead to Italy, new lifeblood to small or very small activities that constitute in our economic fabric and that represent Italy as we know it and for which we are famous all over the world.





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