A craft workshop for a tailor-made bathroom

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Made in Italy companies, thanks to creativity, production flexibility and manual skills, offer solutions increasingly tailored, sewn projects to adhere to the spaces, even the most irregular and to fulfill the wishes of those who buy, even in the case of a highly demanding audience.

Furniture custom packaged, with a choice of hundreds of colour and material combinations, up to the ability to insert palettes and finishes not in catalogue and normally not expected, for creations that meet the desire to be unique.

This is the case of the web portal of the workshop Idearredobagno (www.idearredobagno.it/gb/) a space where is given the possibility to further customize some of the pieces in the collection, both in terms of size and finishes, thanks to the artisanal approach that characterizes the laboratory since 1990, the year of its birth.

"The experience of bathroom furniture is at the heart of our artisan project, we are increasingly aware that the right combination, both in terms of colors and materials, is essential to create the desired atmosphere even in the bathroom."

A web space to share your ideas with master craftsmen

This artisan project results in real tailoring products, conceived and realized on the wishes of the customer, listening to his needs. A workshop-tailoring but accessible to all thanks to the web platform where there is also a space to share your ideas and send requests for projects to be realized exclusively.

Bathroom design means bathroom accessories and furnishings that avoid the concept of standard, characterized by rare and precious workings: "Our customer has a special relationship with us craftsmen, he chooses us because he wants to have a unique product, functional and totally involved in the project of furnishing the house and the bathroom" tells us bindi holder Mario.

The true essence of luxury made in Italy is in exclusivity, in owning something made just for you. For this reason the Idearredobagno laboratory records a growing demand for unique products, especially from a clientele accustomed to these attentions. No limit to the imagination, every type of customization is realized, in size, color, surface effects, up to the mix of functional elements that can coexist in a single bathroom accessory, compact and multi-function.

Details are made on request, hand-made compositions, dimensional variations of bathroom accessories or stands, out-of-measure products, mix of poly-function accessories with glass and ceramic details, to get to fulfill the wishes of very demanding customers with unique and different specimens from each other.





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